Our Impact

our Purpose

To accept food products from donors and distribute donations of reclaimed food to social organizations that help families and individuals in need of food security.

To help conserve the environment.

In November 2008, the Government of the Northwest Territories legislated the “Donation of Food Act”, which allowed more businesses to donate food and increased the amount Food Rescue was able to distribute to clients. In June 2009, Food Rescue was incorporated under the Societies Act of the Northwest Territories, and on April 1, 2010, Food Rescue became a registered charity under Revenue Canada.

Goals and Objectives

Accept Food

Implement sustainable, common-sense, efficient solutions that reduce food waste and hunger.

Minimize waste of food.


Support social organizations in Yellowknife and surrounding areas.

Implement a distribution system with agencies that is consistent, streamlined and equitable.

Build Strong Relationships

Serve as a role model for other communities.

Collaborate with other organizations.

Recognize volunteers, sponsors and donors.

Encourage and support diversity in the workplace

Be Accountable

Conserve the environment.

Recycle and compost.

Track and report statistics and financial information.

Report on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Food Rescue Outputs 2023-2024

Volume of food recovered – 134,076 kg

Volume of food distributed – 127,038 kg

Number of major food donors (from 2009-2024) – 3

Number of corporate sponsors – 11

Number of corporate and community donors – 40

Number of individual donors – 56

Number of volunteers – 80+

Number of staff – 3

Number of agencies participating – 26